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LUZwave Palm Desert and Liquid Gold Plasma combines the best in eastern traditional philosophy and western technology providing an integrated solution in mind-body Wellness. Our team of practitioners believe in taking a holistic and preventative approach to helping patients achieve their health goals and maintain active, fulfilling lives at every age. Our team believes in identifying and addressing the cause of illness, pain and other lifestyle and age-related conditions. The human body has been blessed with the gift of innate intelligence, the ability to fight against viruses, infections, toxins, as well as to heal and repair itself. Our unique and systematic process will help to create the best possible environment for you to achieve the Quality of Life that you deserve.

our Services

Our Services

Integrated Pain and Rehabilitation Management

Live Blood Analysis   MORE

Live and Dry Blood Scans - Identifies; parasites, bacteria's, viruses, fungus, inflammation, metal toxicity, colon toxicity, aggregated stress, dehydration or heart conditions.
Microscopic Nutrition - Test for food allergies, hydration levels, high cholesterol, improper proteins, improper fats, acidic acids, high dairy count, vitamin count and plasma/ terrain flow.
Full or Partial Blood Panels- Test for hormone levels, thyroid imbalances, HPV, HIV, STD's, indoor/outdoor allergies, pre/post menopause and specific types of metals or chemicals.
Photo Labs- Photo Medicine prior to Live Blood analysis to charge up the cells for best read under the microscope.
Divinity Testing- Mind and Body functions through our meridian system

Photomedicine Therapy (PMT)   MORE

Photon Light penetrates deep into tissue to accelerate cellular reproduction and growth
Stimulates collagen blocks to promote healing of wounds, tissue and nerves
Reduces inflammation to relieve chronic or acute musculoskeletal system pain
Safe and non-invasive alternative to "drug and surgery" treatments

Body Image & Body Sculpting

T-Zone oscillation device
Quantum movement
Contour stubborn pockets of fat
Increases metabolism with the creation of muscle mass

Detox & Weight Management   MORE

Liver Cleanse (herbal extracts)
Chelation Therapy (detox of mineral build up and metal poisons from the bloodstream)
Metabolic Homeostasis (use of LLLPT realigns digestive behavioral health habits)
Acupuncture / Auricular Acupressure combines to treat Obesity
Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements (Education and Counseling)

Regenerative Medicine   MORE

Anti-Oxidant and Other Detoxification Therapies (Vit C, Glutathione IV Hydration)
Anti-aging and Cell Regeneration Therapy (Microneedling, Exosomes, PRP)

Integrated Alternative Medicine

Custom IV Therapies
Chelation Therapy
Oxidative Stress Therapy

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